Your Admins/Editors:

Dave “The IPC” Russell – Lover of all things console, roleplay and CCG.

Barry “Imperial Creed” White – Irredeemable PC fetishist and occasional molester of the Xbox.


Cory “Lukasa” Benfield – Student physicist and noted Australian.

Oli “Cloak Raider” Stiel – Student of Politics and Philosophy for A level and an aspiring games journalist,.

Think you’d like to see your name here? Get in touch – theirishgamers{AT}gmail{DOT}com


4 Responses to “Contributors”

  1. Diddly Says:


    no, seriously though, you ARE.

    No, no, seriously though, you REALLY are.

    No, no, seriously though, it’s a really nice read, keep it up guys!

  2. imperialcreed Says:

    Damn you bond, you sexy beast.

  3. DQ. . . Says:

    Love it lads. Just stumbled accross this there and I’m glad to see such a site specifically catered to Irish gamers/people…

    Good luck to the IPC and all involved…

  4. davetheipc Says:

    DQ… Darren Quinn? Good gravy, I haven’t seen you in ages!

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