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For all you Batfans!

January 30, 2009

Batman: Arkham Asylum is coming.  And my God does it look impressive. (more…)


Final Fantasy 13 trailer

January 30, 2009

So yeah, the new trailer for FF13 went live. (more…)

Guitar Hero: Metallica track list and launch date

January 29, 2009

Right, for those of you out there who are equally as enthralled by Guitar Hero as we are this should be a treat. (more…)

Resident Evil 5 demo to Live

January 15, 2009

Yes folks, I’m still alive.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted , this is due to being heavily burdened with other commitments, but with a new year I shall try to be more active.  I’ll start with this little nugget for you 360 owners.

On January 26th, for one week only, a fully playable demo for Capcoms eagerly anticipated Resident Evil 5 will be available for download. It will cover 2 levels of the game and can be played cooperatively (online and on same console) or single player w/ AI. I can’t speak for Creed, but this was one of the games I personally was willing to buy a PS3 for so when it was announced for 360 I was delighted. Soon enough we’ll all find out if this is going to live up to the expectations set by the immaculate Resident Evil 4, or if it will crumble under the pressure.

Chris Redfield - coming to a console near you soon

More from me soon peeps.

Guitar Hero Does a $1 Billion in Sales

January 12, 2009


The Guitar Hero franchise is huge. This comes as no surprise. We even have a complete Guitar Hero World Tour setup at IG HQ. But just how huge was hinted at on Friday by Activision’s CEO Mike Griffith. Speaking at CES, he confirmed that since the first title launched in 2005, the Guitar Hero series has amassed $1 billion in sales in the form of traditional retail and DLC.

Which is, you know, huge. In other news, grass is green.

One can’t help but wonder though, if Activision would’ve hit that number if their typical price for a copy of GH:WT wasn’t in the region of €80.

(Via Edge)

More Expansion News: Red Alert 3

January 8, 2009


Keeping with something of a theme, EA announced today via press release the first expansion to another smash hit of theirs, Red Alert 3. Subtitled Uprising, the game will be a standalone product featuring four mini campaigns; one for each of the existing factions and a bonus campaign about the origins of the Empire of the Rising Sun’s psychic schoolgirl extraordinaire Yuriko. There’ll also be a new Commander’s Challenge mode (an idea possibly borrowed from an earlier C&C title), where players can face off against a set of nine different enemy commanders in various territories.

Curiously, the press release says that the title “will be available for digital download this March.” So, could this mean a traditional retail release is not being considered? If the only way to get this title is via the atrocious EA Downloader service, they can forget about it.

20 Years of EGM Covers

January 8, 2009


News of 1UP’s sale and the closure of veteran mag Electronic Gaming Monthly has been all over the web these past few days. It had been rumoured for a while, but it’s still sad to see something like EGM go under. To mark the occassion, the Game Culture Blog has put together a collection of all the EGM covers from its 20 year run, with embiggened versions of each also available. Find it here.