Who Are The Irish Gamers?

We’re just a couple of guys! Really!

Okay, well, not really. One of us is a fully qualified industrial biochemist and the other is a totally unemployable philosopher. We’ve been friends for as long as either of us care to remember and we really, really like to play games.

So, we looked around for websites that spoke to us as Irish gamers and what we found was less than pleasing. We then decided to do something about it and the results lie before you. It’s a work in progress and we’ve got some big plans, so bear with us. While the focus is “Irish”, meaning we’ll be talking about stuff from the games scene that relates to our little island, we’ve got the scope to cover anything else we feel is of interest. The plan is for regular news and feature content, with a sprinkling of reviews thrown in for good measure.

Got a comment, a suggestion, or a link to Rick-Roll us with? You know what to do.



11 Responses to “Who Are The Irish Gamers?”

  1. The Railway Man Says:

    Finally, a place for us Irish gamers!

    Conas a ta tu?

  2. The Railway Man Says:

    Sorry for the double comment, but Limerick dwellers and all, you are. I live out in the country myself (’bout 10 or 11 miles out of Newcastle West).

    And you somehow managed to get an interview with Chris Livingston…

    Good God…

  3. imperialcreed Says:

    @ Railway Man

    We try, and we got lucky 🙂 Agus ni higim an ceist!

  4. cruddychicken Says:

    More Irishmen/game addicts 🙂

  5. imperialcreed Says:

    In that order Mr. Chicken.

  6. WelshWizard Says:

    Needs more frequent content if you want to keep people interested. You’re a philosopher Creed, you should have plenty of free time on your hands. More than say, if you had a real job. OH I WENT THERE.

  7. WelshWizard Says:

    Also, I believe the spelling is Ni ‘thuigim’ an ceist. Jesus, and I’m not even Irish. Unless the incorrect spelling is meant to further the statement itself as definitive proof that you truly don’t understand. In that case, I commend you on fooling me into a false sense of superiority. Although that’s not hard when you fancy yourself as much as I do.

  8. ShogunAssassin Says:

    Thought I would try to get more active in the Irish gaming scene since its what I have spent most of my time doing since i first owned a sega master system.
    Hey welshWizard do you play EvE-Online? Were you ever in Insurgency.

  9. WelshWizard Says:


    Never played Eve Online; tried a demo once and the complexity of ship control scared the living shit out of me.

  10. Lee Says:

    C’mon lads, be a bit more active. Last post was Feb!

  11. oSo_sIcK_WIt_iiT Says:

    any cod4 gamers on ps3

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