Guitar Hero Does a $1 Billion in Sales



The Guitar Hero franchise is huge. This comes as no surprise. We even have a complete Guitar Hero World Tour setup at IG HQ. But just how huge was hinted at on Friday by Activision’s CEO Mike Griffith. Speaking at CES, he confirmed that since the first title launched in 2005, the Guitar Hero series has amassed $1 billion in sales in the form of traditional retail and DLC.

Which is, you know, huge. In other news, grass is green.

One can’t help but wonder though, if Activision would’ve hit that number if their typical price for a copy of GH:WT wasn’t in the region of €80.

(Via Edge)


One Response to “Guitar Hero Does a $1 Billion in Sales”

  1. davetheipc Says:

    Not to mention the fact that for two player you need to buy ANOTHER game, so there’s another €80. Oh and World Tour kit is close to €200. Saying that though. Even if you slashed everything down to an average €50 for a standard game (I can dream can’t I?). That’s still roughly €500m (assuming all games sold equally etc. etc.) which is still mighty impressive.

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