Spore Expanding This Spring



Rejoice, the five of you that still like Spore! You remember Spore, don’t you internet? Will Wright’s opus that didn’t quite turn out to be all that we’d hoped? Well, a new, proper expansion pack has now been confirmed by EA (we’ll ignore that silly Cute n’ Creepy parts pack from last year). This is, admittedly, hardly a surprise given Spore’s massive sales and EA’s compulsion to milk any and all their franchises for all they’re worth. 
Joystiq has received an invite to the debut event of the Spore: Galactic Adventures pack, which is sure to be the first of many expansions. The availability date is listed as “Spring”, so we’ll no doubt be seeing more of this in short order. I found Spore’s Space stage to be the most interesting, and the most flawed, of all the game’s stages, so I for one hope this expansion (and given the name, it might be likely) gets around to tweaking the Space stage to some degree.

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