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The Steam Localised Currency Beta and Euro Pricing

December 16, 2008


Creed’s Note: A version of this post recently appeared at I put it up here because a) it’s good filler and b) it’s something all Irish Steam users need to be aware of.


Last week Valve started (an optional) localised currency beta in the Steam store. What this means is that, if you click on the appropriate option on the front page, all prices in the store will be displayed in your local currency and (in another change) inclusive of all applicable taxes. This, at a glance, seems like a good idea. It’s means non-US users no longer have to fiddle with currency conversions to figure out how much they’ll actually be paying. It’s also good for any non-US publishers looking to hawk their titles on Steam, because they’ll no longer see the exchange rate kill off part of their potential earnings (this being something many suspected of discouraging the likes of Ubisoft from bringing thier full catalogue to the platform).



And We’re Back

December 16, 2008


Things have been a bit quiet… Alright, things have been dead frankly. There have been many reasons, which won’t be elaborated on, but now we’re back. Sort of. Expect update frequency to rise sharply (as in, go from “none” to “some”) over the next month, and when we hit the New Year and all this Christmas madness is behind us things will hopefully return to the way they were. Only better. Sorry for the delay.

Here goes.