Reviewed at Gamecell: Mercenaries 2


There are lots of explosions. That’s about it.

Explosions are the meat and potatoes of Mercs 2, and the developers understand this perfectly. They’ve provided you with everything from grenade launcher-armed SUVs to laser-guided bunker buster bombs, then sat back and said “go on, have a go.” It pays lip service to GTA and its clones with sandbox staples like hijackable vehicles, free roaming, plentiful side missions and the occasional fiddly race-against-the-clock challenges. But with a near fully-destructible environment and munitions liberally scattered across the Venezuelan countryside that you can collect and deploy with a couple of mouse clicks it’s quite clear where the game’s heart really lies.

The game manages to be tremendous fun and shockingly disappointing at the same time. Check the full piece here.


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