THQ Know How To Do PR


How do we know this? Not content with pimping out upcoming Dawn of War 2 through the use of excellent CGI trailers and the confirmation of inclusion of Tyranids as a playable race in the game, they’ve only gone and done something that can only be called above and beyond when it comes to the call of PR duty.

They’re building a life size, working Rhino transport.

Built from the shell of a British FV432 armoured transport, the finished vehicle is set to debut at the Games Workshop Games Day in Birmingham this September 14th. While it won’t be carrying a squad of Space Marines, the company is outfitting the interior with high-end PC’s to demo the game to any who dare step inside.

Check out the Flickr photo gallery here.


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2 Responses to “THQ Know How To Do PR”

  1. grey_painter Says:

    I use to fantasy constantly about having a rhino transport of my very own to get around it. This will be an interesting build.

  2. paddytehpyro Says:

    This sounds brilliant. All we can hope for now is for moar. Perhaps a Predator tank.

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