Heavy TF2 Update Next Week


For, among other things, the Heavy. Over on the Team Fortress 2 blog Valve have started teasing details of what’s coming down the pipe next week. Expect a new revelation every day over here until next Tuesday, with the update going live soon after that.

What’s in store? Valve’s Robin Walker writes:

In addition to the three unlockable weapons and thirty-five achievements for the Heavy, we’ve got a new game mode with five new arenas for it, a new Payload map focusing on more open spaces than Goldrush, and another popular community-made map.

To which you can’t help but say, awesome. The new community-made map is cp_steel; a big, dense battleground with what seems like dozens of routes to the final capture point. I haven’t played it very much, but from what I remember it’s an absolute nightmare to defend. Valve talk a bit more about it here.

The prospect of a new “more open” Payload map is intriguing too – there are currently really only two Payload maps you see on public servers, pl_goldrush (Valve’s own) and pl_dustbowl (a rather good community modification of cp_dustbowl). Both are confined, almost claustrophobic maps that are, for a large part, easier on the defenders. A “more open” map would potentially give lots more options to the attacking team, who on Goldrush are usually forced to just fling themselves at the enemy defences until they collapse.

The biggest news of the update is the new game mode, with five “arenas”. What this new mode is, no one knows. The use of the word “arenas” is perhaps a little strange – why not just say “maps” if they are, in fact, maps. If they aren’t, what does the word “arena” suggest?

Another final tidbit – though Valve haven’t confirmed it in the announcement, Shack News are reporting that the update will also include a special edition of the Meet The Team video series. There are only three classes yet to get there own video introduction: the Medic, the Pyro and the Spy.


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