1Fort Comic? Livingston says “No”


It’s true. You may remember our debut feature here on The Irish Gamers was an interview with Chris Livingston of Concerned fame. He’s been operating out of 1Fort this past while, hinting at a potential Team Fortress 2 comic he had in the works. Sadly, it seems that it’ll never see the light of day.

Chris has just dropped the bombshell over here. It’s a damn shame. As anyone who’s read Concerned will know, Chris has got a great sense of how to write funny, often downright hilarious, material. While you can’t fault him for not wanting to started something he didn’t feel he was ready to do, it’s still disappointing that we’ll never see a 1Fort comic.


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One Response to “1Fort Comic? Livingston says “No””

  1. TheRailwayMan Says:

    Chris, why have you forsaken us so?


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