Age of Bonan


That’s a terrible headline, but I don’t care. Norwegian site VG has got the hilarious story of a GM working in new MMORPG Age of Conan who has been given the sack for cybering with regular users. The link to the Google Translation page is here, but the jist is below:

The Norwegian games company Funcom have taken action after a GM in AoC had cybersex with a player – which is regarded as highly inappropriate

The entire affair has unfolded on the forum, and there it was revealed that the GM teleported the player to a secret area where both tookoff their clothes and started conversations like this:

GM: Have you been a naugthy girl?

Player: I have never been a nice girl.

GM: Oh, wonderful. But you know you must be punished? Hmm. Take me out and put me in your mouth.

Player: Not before you spank me with your ‘sword’!

In the end the entire act was a trap laid out by the player, who ended the cybersex act by yelling ‘THIS IS SPARTA’

Speaks for itself really. Funcom have since sacked the GM in question.

(Thanks to PCG Steam chat regular Plec for his translation skills)


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4 Responses to “Age of Bonan”

  1. Plec Says:

    I lol’d when I first saw it. : D

  2. dsvella Says:

    You know now that i think about it i am not so surprised that you can play the game well with nothing on. in fact funcom may have made the biggest online cyber community ever!

  3. Plec Says:

    They’ve might! 😀

  4. grey_painter Says:

    Suddenly it is so clear why Vella spends so much time playing AoC.

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