Reviewed at Gamecell: Belief & Betrayal


I still contribute irregularly to the fine website and my latest review is now up. You probably won’t have heard of Belief & Betrayal, which is probably just as well. I describe it thusly:

Bloody hell, the plot is all so 2003. And the rest of the game feels decidedly late ’90s with the grainy pre-rendered backgrounds, clunky interface, pixel hunts, cack-handed animation, bad dialogue delivered by bad actors and that all encompassing feeling of despair that you feel tighten inexorably around your heart every time you find an excuse not the play this, but then force yourself to because you are supposed to be reviewing it after all. Your impressions may vary slightly.

If you want to see a good kicking dished out, head on over their for the full thing.


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3 Responses to “Reviewed at Gamecell: Belief & Betrayal”

  1. Pete Says:

    Yet again sir I enjoyed reading your review and yet again I’m surprised by the score :D! But alas, these things seem above my head. I did, however, enjoy the Dan Brown bashing as really nothing cheers me up more than seeing that awful book and author put down like it/he should be. Makes life so much more enjoyable!

  2. imperialcreed Says:

    It’s a four in so far as it works – it installs and loads properly and once running doesn’t crash to the desktop or lock up your PC. It isn’t broken, technically.

    Four probably is too charitable, but this is exactly the kind of game I can see unsuspecting older relatives buying for their grandchildren, all the while thinking it’s a great purchase. (See the Gamecell scoring chart to get what I mean)

  3. Pete Says:

    Fair enough sir! Just keeping you on your toes :D.

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