Ken Levine Is An Asshole. Possibly.


Ken Levine made BioShock, so I suppose he’s probably earned the right to act like a bit of a twat every now and then. But he doesn’t, contrary to what the rumours are (some staff at 2K reportedly jumped ship rather than continue to work with him). Levine dropped this little nugget at this year’s Develop conference:

Maybe I’m the nicest guy in the world, maybe I’m the biggest asshole. I couldn’t tell you. I think people choose to work with me because I can work with them and make a game called BioShock.

Videogaming247 were on hand at the talk Levine delivered yesterday entitled “BioShock and Awe: Immersing the Gamer in an Alternate World Without Drowning Out the Gameplay”, and have the liveblog of his talk available over here. It’s a wee bit light, as you’d expect with a liveblog, but it’s an interesting sketch nonetheless.

Via Videogaming247


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