The Monthly Wrap-up: July


Two months down and it’s been a blast so far. Not counting what I fondly like to call “The Livingston Hiccup” traffic spike in June, our total number of visitors is up on last month so we haven’t let ourselves down so far. This month saw some great things happening on The Irish Gamers, here’s what you might have missed…

Conclave ’08, one of Ireland’s premier gaming conventions, came and went. We were both there in some capacity – I took photos and Dave, well, he organised a large chunk of the thing.

I interviewed Jim Rossignol, British games journo and author, about his new book This Gaming Life. I’m reading through it after finally getting my copy from Amazon. It’s well worth the purchase, even for those of you who are just interested in good games writing and wouldn’t be especially “hardcore”.

July saw our first feature by an outside contributor. Cory “Lukasa” Benfield turned in a nice little piece about All The Small Things, and how important they are in games. We hope to hear from Cory again in the future.

The Max Payne trailer came out. It’s, uh, weird. Best of luck to Marky Mark and Co. is all I’ll say.

E3 came and went. We didn’t cover it because, well, we weren’t there. We did however offer a brief recap of some of the more interesting tidbits to come out of the expo.

We showcased our pick of some of the best games coming from August onwards. The end of 2008 is going to be a great one for games. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of our feature.

And some movie called The Dark Knight came out…



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