The Dark Knight reigns supreme!


It was Friday night. The movie was due to begin at 10:15. We arrived at 9:30 for what was possibly the longest 45 minute wait known to man. 10pm rolled around and we were still waiting to be let in. 10:15…. 10:30…. 10:45… 10:50 HUZZAH!!! Only a half hour late! Riots were being organised at this point but in we went to what can only be described as the mother of all cinema screens. If you’ve never been in an IMAX cinema then you have no earthly idea just how collosal this beast is.

We were treated with the Watchmen trailer immediately before the flick began and Sweet Christmas it’s going to be an epic. But then the fimiliar beat of the Batman score began and the theater sat back and watched in awe one of the best opening scenes in movie history. The Jokers introduction was met with applause, laughter and shock, and all three together once we saw his magic trick.

From there The Dark Knight barely gives you time to breathe as you are brought on this ride of such brilliance that you no longer see the actors as Heath Ledger or Christian Bale, but as the Joker and Batman. They become their characters, envelop themselves in the world, and force you into their madness with them. To say Ledgers performance was his finest is an understatement. This IS the Joker. It is perfect. And I do not envy the actor brave enough to try and follow that act.

Simply put, The Dark Knight to me was a flawless piece of cinema. It has become my all time favourite film. That is not hyerbole, it really is fantastic. And as I tye this, I am getting ready to go see it again. With your help we can knock Titanic from its throne!

Bravo Christopher Nolan. Bravo


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