Tonight is the Knight


Dave is in Glasgow, already proabably camped outside an IMAX theatre with only a handful of geeky Scots for company. While I have been more restrained in talking about (and indeed thinking about) tonight’s event for some time, I think now is the moment to shrug off any inhibitions and proclaim that OMFG it’s out today!!111!!!111!

The Dark Knight – it’s finally here. I’ve got my tickets to the late show tonight and already I’m feeling a little skitish. The questions I have are numerous and troubling, but chief among them is ‘Will it really, geniunely, be any good?’. All signs point to yes, but I’ll believe it when I see it. All two and a half hours of it. I wish you all luck for those of you trying to get to a showing tonight. This sucker is gonna be mobbed.

The only real problem? My levels of anticipation were already maxed out for the Dark Knight and I was looking forward to a bit of a break from having something to look forward to like this. But then that bastard Zack Snyder went and released the Watchmen trailer upon us. It’s tough being a geek.


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One Response to “Tonight is the Knight”

  1. The Railway Man Says:

    Tis tough being a nerd also.

    Good luck, and enjoy the film.

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