Conclave 08: The Recap


So here we are. Conclave 08 has been and gone. I sit here still exhausted after the weekend nursing a sore throat and thanking God my voice is returning. So let me give you a rundown as to what went down over the weekend from my perspective.

It all really began on the Friday evening with the transporting of all the tables, shop product et al to the hotel for the convention. Following this we went on a night out as is tradition. If you’re not hungover or at least just shattered on the first morning of a convention, you’re doing it wrong.

That's me looking smart in the hat

That's me looking smart in the hat

And so Saturday arrived, 7:30 in the am. I emerged from my leaba barely 3 hours after entering it and proceeded to Pery’s Hotel to set the convention up. Myself, Garry and a handful of others got to work arranging the places for each game which mainly consisted of fitting as many tables into the hall as possible in rows and designating games to each of them. The tables were then prepared for whatever game it was due to hold and once we had it all ready to go and the shop was unpacked and fit to sell goods the doors were opened. And so the 4 of us (myself, Garry, Eva and Will) sprung into action. Eva took care of the shop and Con registration, whilst I ensured the first of the card games (Yu-gi-oh, God help me) started up smoothly. Will looked after the roleplaying and looked after any interested party making sure they were looked after. Garry made sure we all did our jobs and kept an eye on the Con as a whole. After this I have no earthly idea what the others did as I sank into the task at hand and my stress levels began to soar, so I’ll give you a rundown of what I did.

Garry behind the shop talking to a lady with a tommygun whilst Eva chats to a Con attendee

Garry behind the shop foiling a robbery attempt by informing the lady the gun is a replica whilst Eva chats to a Con attendee

The first game was Yu-gi-Oh. There was quite an impressive turnout here and seeing how it was the only cardgame on this morning I helped run the thing. Somehow I ended up being the voice of the event, with a voice that was crumbling with every passing minute thanks to a cold I had picked up and the excessive shouting that was required to get the horde of hyperactive younglings to listen to me. In the end the final was Kieran Waters, the fan favourite using a deck of his own design, and PJ Tierney, the heel of the piece using a deck built by the World champion of the game. PJ ended up winning the event.

During this time I had taken up the Battletech tournament and lost my first game due to an unfortunate head shot (don’t you just hate it when that happens?) Bah!

On finishing this game it was my turn to run the Legend of the 5 Rings CCG. There was a small turnout for this regrettably, but there was enough for a pleasant tournament. We trucked on and in the final there was myself (as Scorpion) vs Kieran Waters (as Dragon). I had beaten Kieran earlier so I was confident, but fortune favoured him after Yu-gi-gate. Can’t win ’em all, but Kieran deserved the win and here’s hoping it’s the start of many for him.

Me and other Dave about to begin our game of Five Rings having a bit of banter

Me and other Dave about to begin our game of Five Rings having a bit of banter... and vague threats

This led into the end of the first day where we packed up the hall and moved everything downstairs to where we would be for day two. Thus began the night out…. ugh. Our nights out are the stuff of legend and this year was no different. We stumbled home by about 4 in order to get a few hours sleep and get ready for the second day.

First thing in the morning, my voice was gone and my stress levels peaked, so I didn’t reach the con until 11ish. At this point the card games had been set up and I took over ensuring they were running smoothly while I took part in the Star Trek tournament. What a great game this is and I got to play as Maquis (SPACE PIRATES!!!!), which is the faction I used to play 3 years ago before I stopped. Certainly a CCG I feel I will keep up should I get the time. I finished second in this tournament, which ain’t bad for my first time playing in ages, beaten only by the man who built the deck. I think I may enter the World Championships at GenCon in 3 weeks :D…. hmmmm…

Nobody, but nobody messes with The Gathering staff

Nobody, but nobody messes with The Gathering staff

After this I played more Battletech and helped sort out the Yu-gi-Oh prizes. If my voice had been in any condition I would have been more vocal in my running of the cards, but seeing as how speech was mine enemy, I was happy to just quietly ensure everyone was happy in their games.

At the end of Sunday, prizes were given out for the various competitions throughout the weekend and the tidy up began anew followed by a dinner for those of us running the con, drinking and much merriment.

And that’s my weekend summed up. I must thank Garry Jackson, without whom there would not be a Conclave or a Limerick gaming scene for that matter; Eva Jackson, whose organisational skills and help ensure that there will be a Con; and everyone else involved in running Conclave as it was a great success this year and we can now look forward to a bigger and better Conclave ’09!

Garry Jackson and RPG organiser, Will Reidy. Say no to those faces.

Garry Jackson and RPG organiser, Will Reidy. Say no to those faces.

Stay tuned for my reports on GenCon Indy and UK!


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