Drought’s End: August Gaming and Beyond Part 1


Summer time is not a good one for gaming, especially on PC. For whatever reason, we’re usually starved of the release of the majority of a year’s AAA games, left to flounder around outside in the sunshine instead. It’s horrible. But mid to late August sees the end of the drought and the start of a deluge of great games across all platforms to take us right up to Christmas. With that in mind, and to help distract you from any unwholesome outdoor pursuits, here’s a few games The Irish Gamers are looking forward to once we’ve gotten summer out of the way. Stay tuned for Part 2 in the next few days.

Mercenaries 2: World In Flames (Release: 31/08 )

The trailer above says it all really. A free-roaming action game set in a destructible sandbox with as many different tactical approaches as you could want. Take on missions for cash any way you see fit in a war-torn Venezeula and build your own mercenary corporation. Oh yeah, and you get to blow shit up. ALL the shit. ALL the way up.

Far Cry 2 (Release: 31/10 )

I could have stuck the game’s proper trailer in this post, but to be honest I find this tech demo to be all the more impressive. Far Cry 2 could do something most people wouldn’t have thought possible a few months ago – beat Crysis at its own game. Just think about it: a giant, vibrant chunk of the African landscape to explore and fight in, playing as one of fourteen different characters (the ones you don’t pick becoming NPCs you encounter in the game), in an environment that really and truly looks alive.

Crysis: Warhead (Release: 16/09 )

Speaking of Crysis, we mentioned the upcoming sequel a little while ago and have picked up a bit more info since then. The two most interesting promised improvements on the original are improved AI for both Korean and Alien enemies (something that was especially needed in the case of the Aliens) and an optimisation of CryEngine2 so the game will be able to run on machines that aren’t teleported here from the near future. We’ll be playing as Psycho this time around, hopefully cracking wise as a delightful stereotype and finding out just what the hell happened to Prophet in the first game.

STALKER: Clear Sky (29/08 )

To be honest, this is the one I’m most looking forward to. Despite all its flaws the original STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl game was still the height of gaming brilliance – for one there is literally no other game that invokes such a shocking sense of place within the player. Sure it was buggy, and a bit unintelligible at times, but it let you roam the countryside around Pripyat with an amount of freedom that had never been available to us in games before. The sequel (or rather, prequel) is shaping up to be just bigger and better – more areas to explore, more enemies to fight and more secrets to uncover. And a dynamic faction system that might actually work this time. Everyone’s hopes are high that devs GSC Gameworld will pull off another stunner.

And Part 2 is now live here.


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