Conclave 08 – The Photos


By all accounts Conclave is a hit again this year. As I write it’s Saturday evening and I spent a hefty chunk of this afternoon hanging out at the convention taking as many photos as I could. I’d like to have stayed longer and maybe played a game or two, but I just didn’t have the time.

Dave however is there for the duration, and when I met him earlier this afternoon he was well on his way to losing his voice thanks to the amount of work he’s having to do. Hopefully he’ll be able to offer up an after action report as soon as it’s all over. For now, I’m making the pictures I took available here for public perusal. I’ve put a few in this post below the jump, and the entire library should now be accessible at our public Google Web Album over here. They’re all from my time there on Saturday afternoon.

Dave brandishing the new Warhammer 40k rulebook.

The first look I got upon entering the event hall.

Warhammer 40k was one of the main events on Saturday.

Just one of the awesome models I saw on the day.

There were plenty of CCG’s being played too, with a Legend of The Five Rings tourney kicking off in the afternoon.

The Gathering store had moved into the hall for the weekend, selling everything from old Battletech figurines to replica weaponry.

Friends of The Irish Gamers – on the left Gary Jackson, owner of The Gathering and Concalve maestro, and on the right Will Reidy, noted beard wearer and actual Canadian.

Remember, the rest of the pics can be found over here.


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