The Max Payne Film Trailer (Update 2)


I’ll admit it’s been a bit quiet here the last few days. Dave is in the organisational crunch before Conclave 08 kicks off this weekend and I’m working on a few big updates for the site (new interview coming soon) that are getting in the way of regular news posts. To rectify that somewhat, here’s the new Max Payne film trailer.

EDIT: And now the Youtube version…

Initial thoughts? Er, wow. It looks surprisingly like the games in terms of visual tone and style and the music echoes some of the score from the original too. Mark Wahlberg as Max can’t quite replicate the pained, constipated expression we know and love from the game character, but then no one could be expected to pull that off. There’s no real indication of the plot, beyond the murder of Max’s family. We get a quick shot of Mila Kunis as Mona Sax, crouched in an elevator and wielding a machine gun, and some very strange, undead-looking angels pop up a couple of times. Here’s hoping they’re a visual reference to the Project Valhalla/Valkyr elements from the first game and not something to be taken literally.

EDIT: Shacknews are now showing this too, with a little bit of supplementary info. Their video also loads rather quickly too.

Originally via Kotaku.


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2 Responses to “The Max Payne Film Trailer (Update 2)”

  1. Pete Says:

    Oi! I’ll hear no bad mouthing of Marky Mark in any form! Even if it’s he can’t quite match a constipated look. He can do whatever he damn well pleases……………….What do you mean watch The Happening? Never heard of it! Marky Mark = King and Country, you should be willing to throw yourself on a grenade for the man! Bah! My words are lost here. HEATHENS! [/rant] 😛

  2. HenVully Says:

    Tahnks for posting

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