The Monthly Wrap-up: June


It’s been a nice first month here at The Irish Gamers. For a tiny little start-up things have been going quite well for us so far. People are talking to us, talking about us and reading the dreck we put up here, so I’d say we’ve achieved the humble goals I had in mind before our debut. As with most other blogs we live on reader feedback and site traffic, so emails, comments, tips and links are always appreciated. Here’s a recap of some of the content you might have missed.

Conclave ’08 is not far off, and Dave (who is also one of the organisers) has been keeping us up to date.

He’s also been going on and on about the upcoming Dark Knight flick.

I was lucky enough to get some fine words from Chris Livingston (creator of Concerned). We’ve the subsequent linkage to thank for the lion’s share of our traffic this month.

We talked a bit about the guys at Citizen Game, whose site is steadily getting better and better.

We saw Joss Whedon’s influence popping up in video games.

I moaned about Duke Nukem Forever and Call of Duty: World at War.

Cevat Yerli of Crytek moaned about piracy.

Oh, and we endured this.

So far so good. Now we just have to step things up for July. Stay tuned.



One Response to “The Monthly Wrap-up: June”

  1. davetheipc Says:

    and on and on and on and on about The Dark Knight!!
    Don’t worry, only 25 more days of having to put up with me talking about how awesome it’s gonna be.
    Then we’ll see how long I go on about how ridiculously fantastic it was! 😀
    Oh btw, Quantum of Solace trailer went live today, check it out. ’tis awesome

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