New Crysis same as Old Crysis


At least, that’s how it seems. The first teaser for Crysis: Warhead has just dropped and aside from some glimpses of new vehicles it all seems identical to its predeccessor. This is not neccesarily a bad thing because, as you may remember, a sizeable chunk of the original (i.e. beating up the Koreans) was roundly awesome. If Crytek manage to at least replicate some of that and find a way to make some ice encrusted alien levels that aren’t boring, well, they’ll be on to another winner.

In other, less pleasing Crytek-related news, their CEO Cevat Yerli has been moaning about piracy again.

Yerli’s views on piracy and its effect on Crysis’ sales are well known, but in a recent IGN Q&A he talks a little more about them. He says:

Well, commercially, we had hopes that were not met. But the real expectations were actually met. As a developer we made a profit, so we’re happy. Critically, we achieved goals. The [reviews] were slightly under the critique-level that we wanted to have, but that’s life. We may have failed a little here and there, but overall Crysis I would say it didn’t do excellent, but it did good.

So Crysis did well and it made a profit. Well done Crytek. But then Yerli adds this:

The other critique outside Crytek was the fact that the PC industry is really, at the moment, I would say the most intensely pirated market ever. It’s crazy how the ratio between sales to piracy is probably 1 to 15 to 1 to 20 right now. For one sale there are 15 to 20 pirates and pirate versions, and that’s a big shame for the PC industry.

While it’s hard to take issue against “most intensely pirated market ever” simply because of the nature of the PC as a platform (pirating most titles is easy), Yerli seems to be pulling his ratio out of thin air. He then goes further and seems to apply it to all games on the platform, which is just plain backward. It’s hard to tell, he isn’t asked to clarify.

Piracy is the bogeyman developers seem to be pulling out more and more to excuse lacklustre sales and justify incompetent copy-protection and DRM measures. While it’s true piracy is a problem for the games industry, particularly on PC, the doom and gloom people like Yerli seem to spin doesn’t square with the obvious success of games that don’t pack copy-protection. Publisher Stardock’s Sins of a Solar Empire and Galactic Civilizations II are two prominent examples of games that have done extremely well despite having zero anti-piracy measures built in.

I’ve no doubt Crysis was pirated upon release, but as to what extent and how much it hurt overall sales I don’t think even Cevat Yerli knows for sure.


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One Response to “New Crysis same as Old Crysis”

  1. Yosuan Says:

    I agree with you, definitely looks the same.. couldn’t they just patch up crysis in the first place.

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