The Dark Knight officially good!


Here’s a little subject very close to my heart. I’ve been following The Dark Knight viral marketing from the very, very beginning. I stayed awake the late nights to view the trailers upon their launch and have followed all the hidden messages strewn about the web to get little flavours of the universe within which this epic is set.

We in Ireland are within 1 month of seeing the movie and after 18 months of eager anticipation, the first official review has hit. It has been reported as containing minor spoilers and a few revelations that may be considered major, so view with discretion. With that warning out of the way head over to Rolling Stone.

I personally did not read the review, but I did check the score. And thank the heavens above, it is very positive. The score given was 3.5 out of 4 by the critic and 4 out of 4 by users of the site. Now admittedly the user rating is far less reliable, but the critics rating is a huge relief.

Due to my near-obsessiveness (I say near, if it was a person I’d be stalking it) with this movie, I will likely post any further emerging worthwhile reviews here.


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