Byron Review: The Action Plan


The UK Government has just published what it calls a “comprehensive action plan” based on the findings of the lovely and learned Dr. Tanya Byron which were published back at the end of March.

The Byron Review was a Government-commissioned report that looked at the risks to children when it came to exposure to the internet and video games. In an outcome that surprised some, Dr. Byron’s work was rather thorough and her conclusions perfectly reasonable, and now the Department of Culture, Media and Sport is taking action based on her report. has the full story, but some of the points to note are the government’s new drive to raise awareness about video game ratings and a proposed review of video game advertising standards.

IFCO, the Irish Film Censors Office, has been known to take some of its cues from its neighbour the BBFC, so it’ll be interesting to see what knock-on effects, if any, this action plan has. IFCO’s most notable video game-related decision was controversially banning the game Manhunt 2 from these shores upon its release last year.


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One Response to “Byron Review: The Action Plan”

  1. The Railway Man Says:

    actually remember when they banned Manhunt 2.

    I believe RTE News were unable to reach Rockstar for comment.

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