Blood Bowl!


This seems very appropriate given my compatriot’s preview coverage of Conclave ’08. Games Workshop fans of yesteryear will definitely remember Blood Bowl – turn-based Warhammer Fantasy football that was as much about scoring points as it was beating the other team into squishy pulp. Even today it still has a solid, if small, cult following. Cyanide Studios, they of such illustrious titles as the Pro Cycling Manager series, have been working on bringing the game to the PC and Xbox 360 for a while now and the new teaser trailer is above. Curious little note that’ll interest those who know the original game – the new incarnation is still going to be primarily turn-based, with a real-time option thrown in to “seriously test your nerves and your reflexes” according to Cyanide. Anyway, direct yourselves to the new Blood Bowl site for more delicious eye candy. The game is due at the end of 2008.


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4 Responses to “Blood Bowl!”

  1. davetheipc Says:

    Hahaha!! Class! I pick the Halflings!

  2. The Railway Man Says:

    I actually remember when they banned Manhunt 2.

    I believe RTE News were unable to reach Rockstar for comment.

  3. The Railway Man Says:

    Oh crap, wrong article!

    What the hell am I doing?!

  4. imperialcreed Says:

    Get it together man!

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