Podcast Profile: Citizen Game


I came across the clever mic jockeys at Citizen Game a little while back and haven’t really mentioned them to anyone since. I feel bad about this because, as podcasts go, it’s a tight, clean production that is fun to listen to as well as being quite informative. Danny O’Dwyer, one of the minds behind the podcast, was kind enough to exchange a few words with me via email and I was able to glean the following.

Along with laying claim to probably one of the best game website names in existence (right up there with the likes of Rock, Paper, Shotgun) it seems that Citizen Game is going to serve as the launch pad for a monthly downloadable/streamable videogame show. According to Danny the weekly podcast grew out of a need to keep active while the rest of Citizen Game was worked on behind the scenes. They’re certainly ambitious – Danny describes their vision for the show as Top Gear for games. If they can come close, the results will certainly be worth keeping an eye on.

The first show is tentatively scheduled to launch in July, featuring footage of Citizen Game’s trip to the Blizzard Worldwide Invitaional in Paris. The website is planned to provide some strong news and community features, an articles section and blogs. The podcast will also be kept on after the launch as a companion to the video show. The website is currently in a rough beta, but it does have a portrait of Manny Calavera as a recruitment tool so points for excellent taste there. We’ve added their podcast RSS to our links bar for your listening pleasure, and be sure to check back for the launch of the video show.


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