Reviewed at Gamecell: Overclocked


I’m a sometime reviewer for UK-based website Gamecell. With the inevitable summer slow down of PC releases new review content has been a little slack, but my latest is a review of Overclocked: A History of Violence. In the review I say things like:

Overclocked is a very scary game…


What lets Overclocked down are the usual culprits…

Curious? Excellent. Head on over there for the full low down.


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2 Responses to “Reviewed at Gamecell: Overclocked”

  1. Pete Says:

    Sir, your review left me a bit confused. Throughout it you were, almost consistantly, putting it down and made me feel like it wasn’t worth my time playing (even the ‘Worst Bits’ box suggests this strongly) yet you gave it 7/10? Which would be a score I would give some consideration in most reviews. Surely it should be at MOST a 6? Just seemed off to me.

  2. imperialcreed Says:

    Tbh, I think the last sentence might give you a clue – “…but in a genre as still as sparsely populated as this it deserves attention for its efforts to refresh the traditional approach.”

    As point and clicks go it’s a solid enough production, and it does away with the OCD-style object hoarding and illogical puzzle hells of other adventure games I could name. The plot isn’t half bad too and I respect the dev’s obvious unwillingness to dilute the darkness of the story to make a more accessible-looking title.

    Accoding to the Gamecell review scale a 7/10 is a “Could’ve been great, turned out to be just good, only worth your dosh if it’s burning the leg off your trousers.” Which is true, unless you’re a chronic adventure game addict who’s got nothing left to play, in which case it’s worth the look.

    All that’s in the “Worst Bits” box is “Graphics, Acting, the usual…” which is true. Neither are up to a high standard, and this isn’t unusual in most budget games.

    Still, thanks for taking the time to read it! 🙂

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