Conclave is nigh!!


For those not in the know, conventions are held all over our fair isle to support all games card, role-play and tabletop. The most popular and well-known of each of these would be Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons and Warhammer respectively. Limerick’s convention is known as Conclave and I have a key role in organising and running it for this year. We are hoping to attract all gamers old and new to this year’s Conclave and as such I will give details of the convention and a rundown of the work put into putting together such an event.

Conclave 08 is being held in Pery’s Great Western Hotel in Limerick on July 12th and 13th. This is a shockingly convenient location being about 3 minutes walk from the train/bus station for those of you travelling. Games being played include; Yu-Gi-Oh, Legend of the Five Rings, Magic: The Gathering, Star trek CCG, Warhammer (Fantasy and 40K), Dungeons and Dragons, 40K Dark Heresy RPG, Battletech, numerous board games and much more. It is guaranteed to be a great weekend for anyone who attends as we will be doing our utmost to make sure that no-one is standing there bored by allowing them to try out new games and take part in demos for different games. All are welcome and are encouraged to come. If you enjoy gaming then this is almost certainly right up your alley. For any further details you can contact myself or The Gathering at 061-315133.

A considerable amount of work is required in order to ensure that this con is properly set up and run. For this we have 5 people. First of all there is Garry Jackson. He runs The Gathering and Conclave is all his. Everything done goes through him and he has a vast amount of experience in this area. Eva Jackson is next and she basically ensures that we all do our jobs. Without either of these there would be no Conclave.

Below these are the 3 remaining people. There is myself, Will Reidy and James Carey running CCGs (Collectible Card Games), RPGs and Tabletop Wargames respectively. It is our job to figure out which games to play, who can run them and get people informed about the games in each of our fields.

That’s the 5 key people heavily involved in the Convention. Now obviously there are more people that help out, but the 5 named people are the big players in this.

Work done to date with respect to the event is basically all the info I have given. We have gotten the location, secured a date and organised the events and timeslots for each of them. After this it is all setting up the events, getting those running the tournaments ready and ensuring that all can go as smoothly as possible on the weekend.

I am keeping the details pretty brief so as not to bore people, but I will keep posting regarding the work being put into Conclave so that you can get at least a basic idea of the work that goes into these.


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