So What’s It All About?


Not long ago, two lackadaisical videogamers had an idea. A half-formed, barely considered, drunken idea, but an idea none the less. They envisioned their own website, a place where they could hold forth on the topics near and dear to their hearts – specifically videogames and (the occasional) film. A place to call their own, to shape according to the whims of their own fevered imaginations. A place of uncensored debate and entertaining word-smithing. A place where the artist would not fear the censor, where the weak would not be constrained by the sm- er, but l digress.

This is not that website. This is a test, a proto-type for something that’s been gestating in our brains for a while now. Somewhere to develop our skills and try new things. We hope it’s the start of something good.

Welcome to The Irish Gamers, the illegitimate brain child of two native Limerick dwellers with a passion for videogames and the belief that the Irish games scene is in need of a serious boost. We’re just getting started, but we hope to start specifically covering what’s going on in Ireland when it comes to games, as well as talking about the regular plethora of daily international industry happenings too. Expect regular news, features and the occassional review. Like I said, we’re just getting started.


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